Syaoran-tachi (Syaoran's group) - the group that travels across dimensions in search of Sakura's heart.

First Appearance: Card Captor Sakura

In Tsubasa: A foreign archeologist living in the land of Clow, Syaoran is carrying on his late father's work of excavating the extensive ruins of an ancient civilization. Due to the association with the royal family his father's work entailed, Syaoran is the dear childhood friend of Princess Sakura. When Sakura loses her kokoro, Syaoran travels across dimensions in search of the her 'feathers' at the expense of his most precious thing his relationship with Sakura.

Syaoran in Tsubasa is much like Syaoran in Card Captor Sakura minus the whole childish bratty attitude and plus a few years. The story picks up with him already in love with Sakura, although he is not only reluctant to admit his own feelings, but feels guilty for them as well, since he is a commoner and can't really expect a princess to marry him or even have interest in him. He gives the impression of being well-mannered, but fierce, protective, and very self-sacrificing in all matters concerning Sakura. He has a lot of wide-eyed curiosity about the worlds that he and his companions travel to and likes old things (reflecting back on his profession as an archeologist). He's more level-headed in Tsubasa than he was in CCS, as well, not getting angry at things he doesn't understand.

No matter what happens, Syaoran remains determined to retrieve the pieces of Sakura's kokoro the feathers of Sakura's wings. Even though it hurts him when she can't remember who he is, he does not stop to consider himself, even though it's obvious that he is deeply wounded. To him, Sakura's wellbeing is more important than his feelings. To be sure, Syaoran will protect the one he loves with everything he has, and maybe more.

Syaoran's father is only shown once, in a picture, but in this version of the story, his father is Fujitaka.


Fye D. Flourite
First Appearance: Tsubasa: RESERVior CHRoNiCLE

In Tsubasa: Fye is a magician in the land of Celes, and the creator of Chii, a girl with cat ears who is able to assume various forms upon Fye's command. He has put Prince Ashura in an enchanted sleep at the bottom of a pool of water, and he places Chii over the water as canopy to protect Ashura (or maybe keep him asleep). He then departs to the land of the Witch of Dimension, so he can travel to a world where Prince Ashura doesn't exist. His price is the magnificent tattoo on his back.

Fye is a very easygoing person who always seems to wear a lazy smile. He laughs a lot. He is very curious and frank, asking questions without hesitation. He is also very polite and gentle, and he treats Syaoran like a favorite little brother. He seems to have a bit of a teasing streak, since he refuses to call Kurogane by his name, instead calling him 'Kuroi' or 'Kuro-chan' (Black, or Cute Black). He also seems to have a deeper side that is hidden; there is a sadness, and he fights with abandon and a disregard for his own safety. However, why Fye acts that way is still hidden.

Fye is happy to travel with Syaoran because his goal is to avoid Prince Ashura. Their relationship is friendly and brotherly. He also gets along with Mokona very well. However, he and Kurogane often 'fight' (more like Kurogane yells and Fye laughs at him).


First Appearance: Tsubasa: RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE

In Tsubasa: Kurogane is a ninja in the land of Japan who protects the life of Princess Tomoyo. He is an excellent fighter who is very proud of his skills and ability in killing. He lives to become stronger, even at the expense of other's lives. He ends up at the Witch of Dimension's place when Princess Tomoyo becomes fed up and seals his ability to kill people and sends him to the Witch to learn the true meaning of strength. He gains the right to travel dimensions (in hope of getting back to his own dimension) by giving up his precious sword, the Silver Dragon.

Kurogane is very brash and crude. He gets angry easily and finds everything annoying, especially Mokona. He wants only to get back to his own dimension, so he finds traveling around with Syaoran and Fye to be a nuisance. Also, he doesn't get along very will with Fye because Fye keeps calling him cute names ('Kuroi', 'Kuro-chan') that Kurogane doesn't like. However, he finds it hard to keep hating Syaoran because Syaoran is responsible and doesn't make Kurogane feel as if he's obligated to help him. He also seems to have a slightly softer side and looks out for Syaoran, stepping into a dangerous fights for him.

Kurogane has a special mission: to protect Princess Tomoyo. And he is very dedicated to that cause. He will do anything to get back to Japan to be by her side again.

Kurogane's sword, the Silver Dragon, first appeared in RGVeda.


Mokona Soeru Modoki
First Appearance: Magic Knights Rayearth

In Tsubasa: Mokona Soeru Modoki is the white half of the Mokona-Modoki team. His job is to travel with the Syaoran-tachi, acting as a gateway between worlds, a communicator with Modoki and the Witch of Dimension, and the sensor of Sakura's feathers. The Syaoran-tachi travel from world to world by going into Mokona's mouth. Mokona is also the translator between Syaoran, Fye, and Kurogane, since they all speak different languages.

Mokona is the same exuberant bunny-like blob of white fur as he (it?) was in Rayearth, but smaller. And now he can talk, too! Generally, Mokona is a sort of comic relief, always saying silly things. He gets along very well with Fye, but Mokona seems to like being with Kurogane the best, much to Kurogane's annoyance. He also likes to imitate people's motions and repeat what they say.

Most often Mokona is compared to a manjuu (a pastry bun with beans inside). Do you think he looks like one ?


Sakura (Princess)
First Appearance: Card Captor Sakura

In Tsubasa: Sakura is the younger sister of the king of the land of Clow, and thus a princess. She met Syaoran when they were both very young and adopted him as her dearest friend. But Sakura is also the key to a very great power the power to cross time and space. When Syaoran unearths a portal to other worlds, Sakura's power is unlocked; when Syaoran stops her from traveling into an unknown world, she loses her wings, her kokoro, across all dimensions, and is thrown into a coma that could lead to death. She, too, travels dimensions in Syaoran's arms at the price of her most precious thing her memories of Syaoran.

Sakura is also very much like her exuberant other self from Card Captor Sakura, except not so oblivious to the feelings of her own heart; she is trying to confess her love to Syaoran, but is finding it hard to do. Carefree and fun-loving, she smiles all the time and is full of life and energy. She doesn't get along with her older brother King Touya, though, because he teases her. On the other hand, she seems to have a soft spot for the king's advisor/magician, Yukito. She isn't at all haughty like a princess might be and insists that Syaoran call her 'Sakura', even though that makes him very uncomfortable.

Sakura cannot remember Syaoran at this time, because her memories have been stolen to pay for her traveling dimensions. But maybe her strength of heart will let her overcome all obstacles to again love her most important person, Syaoran.

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