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-- I'm not sure if Sakura's memories are going to come back, but there is no way on earth that she won't love Syaoran again. First of all, CLAMP knows better than to break up their own eternal couple. But more importantly (to the plot, anyway), Sakura is going to get to know Syaoran again, as far as I can tell. And by the end of the manga, she'll be in love with him all over again, even if she never regains her memories.

-- I think Fye was/is in love with Prince Ashura. A la RG Veda, he had to seal the prince away in a crystal at the bottom of that pool he comes popping out of upon his first appearance, and then he set Chii up as some kind of magical, protective barrier. And now, he is gradually about the business of erasing all magic from his life as if atoning for what he's done. It's strange that he's done a complete 180 regarding magical items since he lost his tattoo he seems almost bitter. After all, it's quite clear that Fye isn't just another pretty face.

-- We'll never find out where Syaoran got those mad l33t fighting skills from. It's probably a convenient loophole in CLAMP's work. They have a lot of those.

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