Modern Japan - the home of the Witch of Dimension, and the xXxHolic crew.

Yuuko, aka the Witch of Dimension
First Appearance: xXxHolic

In Tsubasa: Yuuko is the Witch of Dimension the only person in modern Japan that has ever crossed worlds. She is also able to send others across worlds. When Syaoran, Fye, and Kurogane come to her almost simultaneously to obtain the ability to cross worlds, she agrees to aid them in exchange for their most precious thing the only price that will balance out the cost of traveling across dimensions. She also takes a price from Sakura, but it's less than she should have taken but she still accepts the payment because it is 'enough'. She gives Syaoran-tachi Mokona so that they can cross worlds and sends them on their way.

Yuuko gives the impression of being balanced, fair, and sanitary about her work, expressing neither strong likes nor dislikes. She speaks with a strong dictation and is completely in control of the situation. However, she approves of Syaoran's determination to help Sakura no matter what, and also seems to enjoy poking fun at Kurogane when he shows disrespect towards her efforts to help him. It is clear that despite the way she seems cold towards the pain she causes with the demands that she makes for their prices, she wishes them well on their journey and clearly cares about their success.

Yuuko will be the soft eyes watching Syaoran-tachi through Mokona. Will her influence help balance out the power of those who wish to gain the power to travel across time and space?


Kimihiro Watanuki
First Appearance: xXxHolic

In Tsubasa: The young school-uniform-wearing boy that retrieves Mokona and Modoki for Yuuko, and apparently Yuuko's assistant.

Very little is seen of Watanuki in Tsubasa, but it is clear that he is totally bewildered by what he sees. However, he is a good worker and follows Yuuko's orders without hesitation.


Mokona Raagu Modoki
First Appearance: xXxHolic

In Tsubasa: The black communication half of the Mokona-Modoki team, Modoki stays behind with Yuuko and Watanuki to keep the Witch of Dimension informed on the progress of Syaoran-tachi. Apparently, Modoki tastes everything that Mokona eats, since their minds are linked. That must be rather strange!

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