The Kingdom of Japan - Kurogane's home world.

Tomoyo (Princess)
First Appearance: Card Captor Sakura

In Tsubasa: Tomoyo is the princess of the kingdom of Japan. She has ordered her ninja Kurogane to keep from killing unnecessarily. When he decides to not listen, she reveals that she is a powerful magician, putting a magical seal on Kurogane's forehead that will decrease his strength every time he kills. She then sends him to the Witch of Dimension to learn what true strength is.

Tomoyo seems like a shrewd, careful person with a somewhat strange sense of humor. She acts calmly and without delay upon Kurogane's defiance of her order, and despite her apparent aversion to killing, she does not show any sort of disgust or distaste when she sees Kurogane killing people in front of her. She is serene and even-handed, fully in control of her emotions a good ruler. She also doesn't take any crap from Kurogane, sending him to the Witch of Dimension without even letting him have a chance to protest.


First Appearance: RG Veda

In Tsubasa: Souma appears to be the handservant of Tomoyo. She kneels behind the regal Princess Tomoyo and protests every time Kurogane doesn't address Tomoyo with the proper amount of respect. Otherwise, she seems to serve no important purpose at this time.

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