lj icons and sig files - pictures you can attach to your e-mail accounts or message board messages, or use for your livejournal, deadjournal, or whatever else comes with a 100x100 icon. :) Just right-click to save the image to your computer and upload it onto your own site. Do not direct-link; you'll be very unhappy if you try, because fateback does not allow it.

If you have any contributions to offer, please submit them! I would be glad to put up icons, sig files, or anything else you'd like to show off. Thank you in advance!

lj/dj icons

Fye Avatar for your lj - 100x91 pixels. The text reads, "Runaway Magician - Fye D. Flourite".

Kurogane Avatar for you lj - 100x94 pixels. The text reads, "Kurogane - Black Steel".

Syaoran Avatar for your lj - 100x88 pixels. The text reads, "Little Wolf - Syaoran".

Mokona Avatar for your lj - 100x93 pixels. The text reads, "Mokona - the Talking Manjuu".

Syaoran Avatar for your lj - 100x86 pixels. The text reads, "Syaoran - kokoro o sagashite". (Translates to "in search of a heart".)

Syaoran Avatar for your lj - 100x100 pixels. The text reads, "You make me smile".

Sakura and Syaoran Avatar for your lj - 100x89 pixels. No text.

Sakura and Syaoran Avatar for your lj - 100x88 pixels. The text reads, "What we need is each other".

more on its way!

sig files

Fye signature file - a wanted poster for our runaway magician.

Kurogane and Mokona signature file - aren't they just great friends?

Syaoran signature file. Yes, the text is supposed to be cut off like that - it's a style thing. Trying something different.

more coming soon!

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