The Kingdom of Clow - the home of Syaoran, Sakura, and some friends.

Cameo: Kinomoto Fujitaka
First Appearance: Card Captor Sakura

In Tsubasa: The deceased father of Syaoran, and the man who traveled with Syaoran to the land of Clow to begin excavations of the ruins there. He died from an accident at the dig site. His number one passion was archeology, a love he passed on to his son. It is likely that his wife is also deceased, and probably long before Syaoran had any chance to develop memories of her.

Syaoran currently carries on the excavation in his father's wake.


Touya (King)
First Appearance: Card Captor Sakura

In Tsubasa: Touya is the currently ruling king of the dusty desert country Clow. He is proven to be a very good fighter when Sakura nearly opens a portal between time and space, but he receives a poisoned wound. He fights with Sakura all the time, and listens to Yukito's advice. He considers Yukito his childhood friend.

The master of the appearance of brashness, Touya obviously cares very much about his little sister and his friend and advisor Yukito. He and Sakura fight over Syaoran often, it seems, and he likes taunting her with the idea of Syaoran being too busy to see her. It seems that he is upset because he knows that Sakura loves Syaoran, and someday Syaoran will take Sakura away from him. He also has a soft spot for his advisor Yukito, who was his best friend when they were children; he confides in Yukito and depends on him for advice.

Touya's sword first appeared in Magic Knights Rayearth as Zagato's sword.


Yukito (Advisor)
First Appearance: Card Captor Sakura

In Tsubasa: Yukito is the advisor to the king and a very powerful magician. He seems to have some empathy and foresight, and is the first person to reveal that Sakura has a great power, and that she can survive it only with Syaoran's help. When Syaoran brings up an unconscious Sakura from the ruins, incoherent, Yukito is able to read his mind. He also is able to send Syaoran and Sakura to another dimension together, which Fye reveals to require a great deal of magic.

Yukito is also very much the same as he was in Card Captor Sakura, but of the CCS cast, he is the most changed; he is very care-laden, much more sad than in his original series, possibly because he knows before anyone else what sort of horrors await Sakura and Syaoran. He is very responsible, however, and gentle to Sakura. He is also very wise and able to keep his head in a crisis, smoothly taking control of the situation when Touya is rendered unconscious.

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