The Kingdom of Celes - the homeland of Fye D. Flourite.

Ashura (Prince)
First Appearance: RG Veda

In Tsubasa: The sleeping prince of the Kingdom of Celes, he has been laid to an enchanted rest at the bottom of a pool by Fye. It is unclear why Fye has put him to sleep, or why Fye is running away from him.


First Appearance: Chobits

In Tsubasa: Fye's cat-eared creation. She is able to assume forms upon Fye's command. Fye turns her into a canopy over the pool in which Prince Ashura sleeps.

We only get a short glimpse of her, but Chii seems to be just as clueless as her original incarnation as a persocom. She even still says 'Chii?' when she doesn't understand. But she is totally devoted to her master Fye, and is very happy to do anything he tells her to do. Gentle and sweet.

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